The company intends to continue producing theatrical features as well as TV programmes:

Children of the Revolution (working title)

It is 1990, and the Iron Curtain has just fallen. Marta, a Czech student of English, is finally able to travel to England, the country she’s heard so much about from her anglophile father. She expects a green and pleasant land, but finds Thatcher’s Britain instead. Set in Prague and London, the film is a fish-out-of-water comedy drama about that miraculous time in the early nineties when the East and West finally met.

Written by Nick Hoare, the film is due to be shot in winter 2015/early 2016.

Hello, Zuzka! – Ahoj, Zuzko! (18x10min)

A children’s TV series for the terrestrial broadcaster Czech TV. Shot in London, the programme is an entertaining introduction to the basics of the English language, combining live-action and simple animation. The production is planned for early 2015.


This mini-TV series (6x40min) will see the producer re-teaming with the makers of the Mist programmes. A time travel story for teen audiences. Josh (16) is a bad boy. He’s just been involved in raiding an electronics store and the police are after him. But he gets a lucky escape - he ends up on a ship that takes him to 1825! Josh sets on a nail-biting journey to save his life and in the process learns right from wrong. Only the time is ticking away and he needs to get back to the present day - or does he really?